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VTK – Vessel Training Kit

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About the Vessel Training Kit

Safebridge‘s Vessel Training Kit is the new solution for completing type-specific training courses onboard. It provides a fully stand-alone mobile training solution for bridge equipment training onboard – without requiring any internet connection. The proven Safebridge type-specific ECDIS training, supported by the integrated original ECDIS software, sets the standard for real world training scenarios.

VTK benefits

Offline training on the original ECDIS software

Interactive test can be done onboard – easy synchronisation with the Safebridge online system

Seamless training – start your training online and proceed at the VTK and vice versa

Refresher training and practicing – available without limit for the rental period


Rental period

12 or 24 months


according to our latest price list


The VTK will be supplied with 5 training courses, additional ones can be booked directly from Safebridge


One application is installed and can be selected from our product portfolio Additional applications are available according to our latest price list


37.4 cm x 25 cm x 33 cm / 14.7 ” x  9.8 ” x 13 “; 9,6 kg / 21 lb 2.6 oz

Optionally available

Keyboard, display, KVM switch to connect the VTK to an existing computer workplace

Pricing / More information

The VTK will be available for a 12 or 24 month period, through a rental contract. Each VTK always includes 5 training courses per year. You can also book VTKs with a training package: The packages start from 50 training courses.

You are very welcome to ask our sales team for a demo training access or personal presentation: 

Phone: +49 40 5556579-20 or

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